Global underground water resources of Russia and our factory in Pskov region

Russia is rich in natural resources.
The Pskov region has a huge reserve of the purest artesian and ground waters. We love and appreciate our underground water sources.

A bit  about flora and fauna in Pskov region.

Pskov  is a land of forests and lakes. Over 3,700 lakes spread all over the whole territory. There are both lakes similar to the Pskov-Chudskoye Lake (one of the largest in Europe) and tiny ones hiding in the shadow of impassable forests. Moreover the land is full of rivers. A significant one is the Great River, Pskov is located on it, as well as Shelon, Lovat, and Plyussa. The water is fresh and almost crystal clear. That makes Pskov a natural fish land. Rivers and lakes are inhabited by a variety of fish, including species listed in the Red Book: European grayling, kumzhoy (brook trout), stump. Some species like catfish, perch, snack, pike perch, pike, burbot, ide, bream, ruff, and even eel are allowed to be caught. The last fish is very sensitive to the purity of water. The fact that it inhabits Pskov’S waters underlines the ecology of the region.

Our artesian water of the highest category has excellent taste properties. Its taste is not spoiled by industrial pollution. It is not necessary to check this type of water for impurities and bacteria. After the liquid passes through the filters, its composition becomes 100% balanced. This water has a stable composition throughout the year. That is very good for health.

On our factory we pour our table and mineral water into various bottles.