Our industry


Interest in creating a necessary and useful product for society led the Pak-Line company to the idea of ​​opening its own production.

More than 16 years ago, we started with the production and sales of food processing lines for bottling and packaging of various non-alcoholic beverages.  Today, having gained many years of experience, on the basis of our equipment, we decided to realize the idea of ​​creating and introducing several brands of table and mineral artesian waters to the market.

Our clean water is balanced to taste, extracted from a well 90 meters deep away from industrial and agricultural enterprises in an environmentally friendly area of ​​the Pskov region.

Our own production facilities are equipped with an automatic filling and packaging line with a complete cycle with the ability to produce, store and ship finished products.

Our technical support helps to develop and adapt the shape of the PET container and the label with your corporate style.

Our delivery methods are calculated individually and with maximum benefit to the final cost of the finished product.

Our customers

Bottle with water is an integral part of any event: conferences, seminars, presentations, trainings, promotions.  Water bottling under your brand is stylish.


Bread and confectionery shop, in other words is a modern bakery with its own production. Every day there they prepare fresh baked goods for their favorite guests.


Lexus Division — a brand of premium cars that are manufactured by Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation. At first it was provided for the US market.  Now the cars of this brand are sold in more than 90 countries.

The main element

Our water «The main element» is artesian drinking water of the highest category. It is extracted from a 90-meter deep that is well located on the territory of the enterprise in the Pskov region, far from industrial and agricultural enterprises. The water is not subjected to deep cleaning and refinement and is disinfected by UV.  According to the main indicators, water corresponds to the highest quality category of the EAC standard.

Our mineral water is extracted from the well at a depth of 395 meters and is recommended for the treatment of digestive organs and also for preventive purposes.  Mineralization: 3700-5800 mg/l.

A drop of dew


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