Complement — the instrument of marketing!

Everybody loves compliments. Various compliments! Independently from sex and age.

Let’s look at the word „complement“ (from latin „complementum“ means additive) in the sphere of catering business. Firstly, it’s paying attention to the guest (nobody will refuse from the bottle of qualitative water). Secondly, it’s a rating support important for every canteen and hotel.

The bottle of water is served as a present to every visiter even if they order the only cup of coffee. Useful and pleasantly.

Economising and positive from complement. 

From economical perspective such a complement does not lead the organisation to collapse. The price of complement is insignificant comparing  with general prices of the restaurant but the visitor is smiling cheerfully after getting a piece of care and attention. Guest’s reaction on complement is always positive. Positive, in turn, has a memorable property. To be memorised by a guest in this way is a guarantee for recurrent or even stable comeback. People like to visit places where they are pampered. Moreover, hospitable restaurant/hotel/canteen wants to be as a second home for its lovely guests.


Careful client serving is something more than their expectations from a simple visiting restaurant or cafe. It’s forestalling of the wishes. It should be used. Complement can be used as fleeting advertisement of some renewed menu. For example, on the label of the bottle you can put: your own designed logotype, slogan or a beautiful poem, interesting and useful information or even sharing a new dish or a recipe.

Complement is infectious marketing. Sarafan radio or information exchange, as known, is the best way to promote advertising. Its action is enhanced by modern capabilities of the information spread. Restaurant, cafe, bakery or bakery get fame faster, and a good complement confirms the originality and care in approaching to each guest.