The water we drink?

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Water is the most necessary and the main element in our life. All life on earth consists out of water. Water pollution is becoming a real threat to mankind. An industrial impact on the environment leads to the release of millions of tons of chemical waste through rivers into the world's ocean or [...]

Global underground water resources of Russia and our factory in Pskov region

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Russia is rich in natural resources. The Pskov region has a huge reserve of the purest artesian and ground waters. We love and appreciate our underground water sources. A bit  about flora and fauna in Pskov region. Pskov  is a land of forests and lakes. Over 3,700 lakes spread all over the whole [...]

Bottled water – Russian export

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Instead of trading water on the world market by changing the direction of river streams straight to needy countries, Russian companies should improve the process of bottling water and be capable to compete with the greatest world-famous corporations. Russia is among the top 10 strategy important countries (being on the second place after [...]

Our industry

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INTEREST → IDEA → INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS →STRATEGY →  ORGANIZATION OF PRODUCTION → RESULT → TOTAL: Profit making → DEVELOPMENT ∞ Interest in creating a necessary and useful product for society led the Pak-Line company to the idea of ​​opening its own production. More than 16 years ago, we started with the production and [...]

Complement — the instrument of marketing!

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Everybody loves compliments. Various compliments! Independently from sex and age. Let’s look at the word „complement“ (from latin „complementum“ means additive) in the sphere of catering business. Firstly, it’s paying attention to the guest (nobody will refuse from the bottle of qualitative water). Secondly, it’s a rating support important for every canteen and [...]